Benefits and Uses
Ordinary people, those you see every day, use hypnosis for many different problems.  You might ask yourself the following questions:

        Do you feel stressed out?
        Do you deal with fears or anxious feelings?
        Are you lacking in confidence?
        Do you have a problem with weight?
        Do you find it difficult to stop smoking?
        Do you have other habits you just can't seem to break?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then hypnosis is for you!

Hypnosis can help you with an unlimited number of  things, big or small, provided that you have the desire to either change, eliminate or improve these attitudes and behaviors.   If you have an unwanted habit, then hypnosis can help you kick the habit.  If you have a goal, then hypnosis can help you achieve it.  The possibilities of hypnosis are numerous.  Here is a sample of what hypnosis can do:

Smoking/Tobacco Cessation:

Hypnosis can help you stop smoking, dipping or chewing with greater ease, feeling calmer and more in control.  Typically two sessions on two consecutive days, with a home follow-up with your sleep audio, is all that is required if you are smoking or using tobacco mainly out of habit.  If you are using smoking/ tobacco as a way to cope with emotional feelings such as stress or anger, you may need about three sessions.   Please bring to your first session a list of your many benefits of either being a nonsmoker, or being tobacco free .    
Weight Loss & Exercise Motivation: 

Our weight loss program can help you create healthier eating habits, changing attitudes about food, eating and exercise.
Oftentimes food is only a distraction from uncomfortable feelings or an attempt to fill an emotional void.  In some cases it is necessaary to address the feelings and emotions that trigger unhealthy eating patterns.  Once emotional eating is resolved, you can get rid of the weight for the longterm as opposed to diets which afford only temporary change. 

Hypnosis assists you to find unhealthy foods unappealing.   Sessions include relaxation skills which assist you in finding new ways to deal with stress, rather than food and eating.

Utilizing hypnosis for weight loss can keep you safe from the unwanted effects of various weight loss potions, pills and creams.   Hypnosis is an all natural way to lose weight.  

Please bring a list of your many benefits of regular exercise and being at your ideal weight.  Private sessions are customized to fit your particular needs. 

Fears (Overcoming):

Fear stems from negative thought patterns and negative beliefs.  Hypnosis can help you change thoughts and beliefs, thereby eliminating fears.  Common fears include flying, heights, public speaking, dental work, needles, as well as others.  Hypnosis can help you to eliminate nervousness for various reasons and assist you in feeling calmer.


Lack of a good nights rest affects you at all levels in your daily life, physically, mentally and emotinally.  As your body gets accustomed to the pleasant deep relaxation during hypnosis, you will find that you can more easily and more quickly reach a deeper level of relaxation resulting in  more restful sleep.  Also the relaxation skills learned in hypnosis and a hypnosis sleep audio assist you in falling asleep more easily.  In some cases it may be necessary to address other details that may be interfering with restful sleep.


Whenever you are deeply relaxed, your brain naturally releases chemicals that cause you to feel good. These chemicals are often in short supply with people who rush about their day. Hypnosis causes deep relaxation, allowing these feel good chemicals to flow and create a sense of control and well-being.  In hypnosis you can learn powerful relaxation tools that allow you to maintain a greater sense of balance through your day.

Stress Management:

There is no doubt that stress causes physical illness. Stress causes sleep disorders, increases pain sensitivity, and is said to increase cholesterol. Since hypnosis is a state of deep mental and physical relaxation, being in this state on a regular basis is a way to reduce stress and thus illness.

Stress is our perception of events, people and situations around us that seem challenging, or at times overwhelming in some way.   People respond to stress in different ways and are stressed by different things.

Hypnosis can relieve all types of stress whether your stress comes from being overwhelmed, dealing with aggravating personalities, going through unexpected life struggles, or just everyday situations.

Through hypnosis you can learn relaxation skills and greater self awareness.  This help you to notice the thoughts you hold and your patterns of reacting to situations around you.   Hypnosis assists you in creating new patterns of thinking and responding that allow for more peaceful, calmer feelings in your daily life.

Self Confidence:

Hypnosis can help you achieve confidence in unlimited areas of your life by changing the way you think about yourself and the way you communicate with yourself.   You can become more aware of your core reasons for lack of confidence, and free yourself to think and act in a confident manner. Through hypnosis you learn relaxation skills, assisting you in approaching situations in a calmer manner.  You can learn more powerful and positive ways of thinking, creating positive beliefs, goals and expectations.

Self Esteem: 

If you  find yourself worrying about what others think about you, or are constantly putting yourself down, hypnosis can assist you in changing the way you feel about yourself.    Becoming aware of your core reasons for lack of self esteem assists you in freeing yourself from these limiting beliefs and patterns.  Through hypnosis greater self awareness is created, assisting you in letting go of negative self talk, creating powerful and positive ways of thinking and communicating with yourself,  thus creating greater self acceptance.  This positive self image/self acceptance can create positive changes in all areas of your life.

Study Skills, Memory, Concentration, Exam Anxiety:

Hypnosis helps you to create a greater ability to focus and concentrate and ignore distractions, allowing you to understand and absorb information more easily.  It is a great way to help you improve memory, retaining and recalling information more easily .

Exam anxiety can easily be eliminated with hypnosis, and can create a scenario where you feel relaxed and focused on your test, letting go of the fear of failure.

This is great for kids as well as adults.


Public Speaking  ♥  Nail Biting   ♥  Nervous Habits  ♥  Pain Control  ♥  Healing ♥ Sports Performance  ♥  Improve Talents and Abilities  ♥  Procrastination  ♥ Assertiveness    ♥  Fear of Flying ♥  Etc. 

Whether you have an issue or just need to relax, hypnosis can help you achieve your goal.  Simply going into a hypnotic state on a regular basis is good for you.   You can feel stronger, more in control, more relaxed, and better able to handle your life with the help of hypnosis.

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