Q:  What is hypnosis?
A:  Hypnosis is physical relaxation coupled with a relaxed state of mind.

Q.  Will I be out of control?
NO.  You will be awake and aware.   After completion of the session you will
leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and finally IN CONTROL.
Q:  How does hypnosis work?
A:  Hypnosis works easily, safely and effectively.  By moving from the beta
brain wave level (your conscious wide awake state) into the alpha, delta or
theta brain wave level (a more relaxed state of consciousness), properly
worded, positive suggestions are easily accepted by the subconscious mind.
These suggestions then carry over to your conscious (wide-awake) mind
allowing you to more easily make desired changes.  

Simple exercises can allow you to understand the blocks to desirable habits or behaviors, allowing you to make the desired changes more easily.

Q.  What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
A.  It feels good!!  You simply feel relaxed.
Q.  Can anyone be hypnotized?
A. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Anyone who has the desire and is willing to follow a few simple instructions CAN be hypnotized.  Best subjects have average to high intelligence. Strong-willed people do well. 
Q.  What if I don't go very deep?
A.  Depth has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the therapy.  Many people actually seem to benefit more from a light to mid-range level of relaxation.
Q.  Does hypnosis always work?
A.   Hypnosis can work for everyone because we all have a subconscious mind.  Hypnosis is a tool you can use to tap the power within you.  For some it works like magic!  Others will find that with patience and persistence, their subconscious mind can be coaxed into making the desired changes.

Q.  How many sessions are necessary?
A.  The number of sessions varies for different people and different  problems or goals.


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