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Hypnosis made me think of someone "clucking like a chicken" in Vegas and I wanted no part of this.  However, I had always wondered and in 2007 I read a newspaper article and saw Nancy's name mentioned and decided to call her.  I quickly asked her about "clucking like a chicken" and she addressed these thoughts and I now realize this is "entertainment hypnosis" versus the real thing that Nancy does.

In 1997 I was stuck in an elevator and it triggered claustrophobia to the degree that I felt increasing anxiety in enclosed spaces.  I was about to graduate with my Doctor of Education and wanted to fly to Florida to celebrate this event in my life, but the anxiety was preventing me from going.  After only 4 sessions I flew to Florida.  On the way back there was severe weather and the plane had to land in Louisiana.  The plane was on the tarmac for 4 hours and there I was locked inside an enclosed environment……..but there was no anxiety!!!!   I peacefully read my book during this time.  

I am a true believer of hypnosis and would say 3 things-1. go with an open mind, 2. you are always in control, and 3.  it works! 

Dr. Barbara Beard


I lost my mother at the age of 24 and for the last 7 years have dealt with lots of feelings associated with the grief of a loved one.  We were not only mother and daughter; she was also my "dad", my best friend and companion.  I tried for years to deal with all of my emotions without prescription drugs or other methods of coping. 

When I heard from a loved one about Nancy I didn't call her right away.  I am not a closed minded person however I suppose I felt conflicted about hypnosis since I truly wasn't sure exactly what it meant.  I'm happy to report that after just one session with Nancy I felt like "me" again for the first time in 7 years.  It was the first time that "triggers" that had previously plagued my life no longer affected me in a negative way.  I now feel at peace and so clear about my life and my direction in it.  Thank you Nancy!  You are truly an angel on Earth for helping so many people in a healthy way!

Forever grateful,

Stress Management, Self Esteem

My experience with Nancy was all I hoped it would be.   She gave me her undivided attention while listening attentively to my problem, and I never felt rushed.   Her gentle, positive suggestions were most helpful to me.  I will not hesitate to call her again should the need arise.


Fear of Flying

My name is Dennis and I had a problem with flying in airplanes.  I got panic attacks when I would board an aircraft.  This was a big problem for me because I had to occasionally fly to perform my job.

I completed several hypnosis sessions with Nancy and she also gave me a tape to listen to for several days before flying.  I noticed an improvement right away after completing the hypnosis sessions and using the tape.  Now, several years later, I have no problems with flying at all and yes I still listen to the tape before flying and when I am dealing with stressful situations.
 Dennis Eisele
*   *   *   *   *

Fear of Heights

On a trip to Mexico, we visited the ruins at Chichen Itza and climbed to the top of a pyramid.  As I turned to look at the beautiful view, I was overwhelmed with fear and had to sit down on the stones.  I couldn't move and I didn't want anyone to touch me.  I ended up descending the steps on my rear end instead of my feet.   I don't know if I was afraid of the height, or afraid of falling. 

Later that year, I had a hypnosis session with Nancy Pavlicek to attempt to find a reason for my unreasonable fear.  I felt I had a hard time with the hypnosis, and didn't think the session went very well for me because I didn't leave with an answer to why I had this fear.  I told Nancy "I guess the only way we will know if this worked is for me to climb another pyramid".

About 7 months later, my husband and I went on a backpacking trip to Europe.  In Italy, we hiked 800 feet up into the mountains on "goat trails" that at times were less than a foot wide with sheer drop-offs on the side.  I had no unreasonable fear, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  We went to the top of St. Peter's basilica and looked over the city of Rome.  In Spain we climbed to the top of El Penon, at times on slippery shale holding onto a rope on the side of the mountain.

The bottom line is that the hypnosis did work, and eliminated my unreasonable fear of high places.  Thanks to Nancy, I have some unforgettable memories and can look forward to future adventures.

Gayle B. Austin

*   *   *   *

Smoking Cessation

I quit smoking several years ago and kept reaching for a cigarette for about two months before the strong urges went away.  When I came to Nancy I was again smoking 2 ½ packs a day. 

After coming to Nancy for hypnosis I am glad to say that I found it easy to stop smoking without all those urges.  I wish that I had come to her a long time ago.

Thank you Nancy!
Frankie R.

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